Adeline de Monseignat


Working with natural materials such as fur and sand in contrast with manufactured ones  such as bronze, glass and digital media , deMonseignat constructs a dialogue between the natural and the man-made. Through the study of mythology, symbolism and anthropomorphism her sculptures explore the life within inanimate entities. A reflection of life and its cycles, recurrent motifs in her work include the seed, the wheel and the ladder. 


de Monseignat's sculptures are often interactive', using touch as a way to access parts of the human experience.  In particular, de Monseignat often explores notions of fertility, birth and transformation  in her attempts to grapple with lifes beginnings. 


de Monseignat (born 1987)  completed a MFA at the City and Guilds of London Art School, London in 2011 and has since exhibited across the UK and abroad, including Mexico City, the United States and Italy. She now lives and works in Mexico City.