Kathryn Maple: Encounters: Preview: Thursday 18 April, 6-8 pm

19 April - 18 May 2024
For her first solo show at Bo Lee and Workman,  Kathryn Maple is exhibiting a series of new
paintings rich with bold colours that captivate the senses and transport you to the natural world.
Painting from life, Maple’s work draws from the observations made from her everyday encounters.
Like shadows in the night her ephemeral figures are visible in glimpses as they break free from the
landscapes they inhabit. These figures are depicted in action: arrest, restlessness and discussion.
Maple projects these figures onto the canvas as if they are people or moments passing by.

The application of painting acts as a form of sculpting as Maple utilises the physicality of paint, with
varied brush strokes and colour enabling her to capture the transience of the natural and man-made
world. Through thin layers of paint, she allows areas to surface at different times creating a sense of
depth to the encounters depicted.

Throughout the paintings, the theatre of life is seen to play out, as each series of strokes creates its
own sentence. Maple’s work suspends time as she memorialises moments of action and emotion,
reflecting on the encounters we experience, and confronting the viewer at a variety of speeds.
Whilst some strike you with one clear hit, others evolve over time as layered colours and textures
emerge. Her work surveys the transitory moments of our lives: passing by, meeting, inhabiting.
Installation Views