Lindsey Bull: Into the Night

10 November 2023 - 13 January 2024

Into the Night is  a solo exhibition of paintings by British artist Lindsey Bull. Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde storytelling of fashion editorials, Bull's androgynous and enigmatic female figures exude a timeless glamour in their bold and vibrant attire. Her paintings celebrate clothing and costume as a vital form of self-expression that can reveal a multitude of identities. As in the theatre, the curtains go down and another character emerges, no longer bound to the illusions of the spotlight. 


Into the Night explores a further transformation of the self, where one can enter another sphere of consciousness. From ancient legend to modern day storytelling, night-time is a time to connect with the spiritual and the underworld, with darkness, fear and magic. A heady cocktail of freedom and loss of inhibition can be present, suggesting new possibilities into unexpected territory. 


The resulting palette and narrative qualities are cinematic, as Bull explores how different types of artificial lighting might affect the saturation of the fabrics or indicate clues to the character's psychological state. A meditation on the relationship between naturalism and artifice, Into the Night tells of the metamorphosis of the self through a beautiful procession of colour as day becomes night.

Installation Views